Science 10 Homework / Assignments


June 5
        1) Study for your Cell Biology and Genetics Unit Test on Wednesday, June 7th!
                - Check the TESTS page for general idea of what is on the test

June 1
        1) Complete handout on Dihybrid Crosses and Pedigrees
        2) Reminder that your Cell Biology and Genetics Unit Test in June 7th!
                - Check the TESTS page for for general idea of what is on the test

May 26
        1) Read sections 17.3, 17.4 and 17.5 in Science Probe 10 textbook
        2) Complete Review 17.3, 17.4 and 17.5 Questions in Science Probe 10 textbook

May 24
        1) Complete the Lab package (Fill in Data Table) and complete the drawing of one of your offspring
        2) 3/4-term Test is this FRIDAY, MAY 26th
                - Test is in MULTIPLE CHOICE format and will be about 70 questions long
                - Covers everything from Chemistry up to and including Mitosis/Meosis
                - There were about 7 units covered in this year so that works out to be about 10 questions per unit
                - Concern yourself with the important concepts and less on the nitty gritty details
                - If you haven't done so, refer to the YEAR IN REVIEW package and complete the review questions for practice.

May 18
        1) Punnett Square Worksheets
        2) Prepare for your 3/4 Term Test on Friday, May 26th
                - Refer to the handout with the YEAR IN REVIEW to help you study and complete the review questions

May 12
        1) Complete Meiosis Coloring / Comparing Mitosis and Meiosis Handout (white)
        2) Read and complete handout on Fetal Development (yellow)
        3) Read section 17.1 in your text book and complete Review 17.1 questions
        4) Prepare for Mitosis / Meiosis Quiz on Tuesday, May 16th as per the YEAR IN REVIEW handout.

        * Reminder that your 3/4-term Test will be on Friday, May 26th and will encompass everything learned thus far.
           Help is available at lunch and after school -  let me know if you're coming in for help.

May 8
        1) Complete Observing Cell Division Lab package
        2) Complete Worksheet on Cell Reproduction.  Use textbook and website as reference

May 4
        1) Complete Observing Cell Division Lab package

May 2
        1) Complete questions indicated at the end of the Asexual Reproduction handout
        2) Assemble the DNA molecule as per the instructions on the DNA handout

April 28
        1) Complete DNA (pink) handout
        2) Complete Asexual Reproduction Table handout

April 26
        1) Study for Cell Organelles/Function Test
                - be able to recognize what the organelles look like in a diagram and label it
                - be able to describe the functions of the organelles found in a cell
                - be able to distinguish between animal and plant cell
                - be able to describe diffusion and osmosis and compare the two

April 24
        1) Complete Review 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 questions handout
        2) Read Section 15.5 and answer Review Questions
        3) Read Section 16.1 (the first few pages only)

April 20
        1) Read Section 15.4
        2) Answer questions on Review Worksheet handed out in class.

April 18
        1) Answer Review 15.2 questions pg. 340 in your textbook
        2) Create a Venn Diagram where you compare and contrast an animal vs a plant cell
        3) Read Section 15.3 in your textbook.  Again, just read.

April 12
        1) Complete Magnification Calculations Worksheet.
        2) Complete Animal/Plant Cell Coloring sheet (Learn how to identify the structure and name it)
        3) Read Section 15.2 in your textbook.  Just read it and know the terms.  To ensure that you do read I may give you a pop quiz on it.
                Have a Happy Easter!

April 4
        1) Yay!  You wrote the final unit test for Physics...we're done...onto something fun...Biology!
        2) Complete Microscope Assignment
        3) Work on Cell Structure handout (Complete the table)
                - Figure what the cell structure is and what does it do (Function)
                - Then "Compare it to" a real life example of something that does the same function
                eg. Say a cell structure makes energy then a real life example would be a "nuclear power plant"

March 31
        1) Answer key to Review Questions (4.3.2 and 4.4.1) is posted HERE

March 29
        1) Complete ALL of the Chapter 6 Question Assignment on the Handout
        2) Complete the Review Questions Handout you received today
        3) Study for your Chapter 4, 5, 6, Test on Tuesday, April 4th

March 26
        1) Complete Chapter 6 Question Assignment
        2) Study for Chapter 4, 5, 6 Test on Tuesday, April 4th

March 23
        1) Complete handout on Household Circuits
        2) Complete handout on Power Transfer to the Home
        3) Complete Power meter readings worksheet.

March 21
        1) Complete questions on Work, Energy, Power worksheet.
                - Pg. 92 #1 - 4 in Sc 10 Probe textbook
                - Pg. 95 #2 - 6 in Sc 10 Probe textbook
                - Questions #1 -  6 on the handout itself.      
        2) Download and print out Household Circuits Worksheet HERE and complete by reading Ch. 5 of the textbook.

March 8
        1) Read Section 4.4 in your textbook and answer the Review 4.4 Questions
        2) Download the Magnetism Review Worksheet  HERE and complete for Friday.

February 28
        1) Complete the lab package given to you today for Thursday.  We will go over it after the test.
        2) For those who haven't handed in your Electricity Analogy assignment, it is now overdue.
        3) Study, study, study for the Ch 3. Test on Thursday, March 1st.  Check your answers to the worksheets that is posted in the NOTES section.

February 22
        1) Study for Chapter 3 test. All NOTES AND LABS and information in textbook is fair game.
        2) Complete Electricity problems worksheets (Answers to previous worksheets will be posted online)
        3) Reminder that Electricity Analogy Assignment is DUE February 28th

February 20
        1) Complete Electricity problems worksheets
        2) Begin Electricity Analogy assignment (Due February 28th)

February 14
        1) Complete Voltage Drop and Current Problems worksheet
        2) Study for Chapter 3 test

February 10
        - Complete Activity 3F and discussion questions
February 7
        - Complete Activity 3E and complete discussion questions on worksheets & textbook.

February 1
        1) Read over Section 3.3 up to but not including Resistance.
        2) Read over Lab 3E and 3F (we're doing one or the other depending on available equipment)

January 30
        1) Complete Lab 3D worksheet, and answer discussion questions in textbook on back
             of the worksheet

January 26
        1) Read Section 3.3 in Sc 10 Probe up to but not Resistance.  Answer 3.3 Review
             Questions 1-3 ONLY 

January 16
        1) Read, complete, and study Earth Science Package for test on Friday
        2) Complete review handouts given out in class.

January 6
        1) Read and complete Earth Science Package up to and including Seismology.
        2) Plotting World Earthquake Locations Activity

December 12th
        1) Read 12.4 and answer Review Questions
        2) Complete Activity 12F (no need for lab report, just complete handout given in class)

December 6th
        1) Read Chapter 12.1 to 12.3 (Inclusive!)
        2) Complete Activity 12D and 12E
                - These will be informal lab writeups
                - Make sure you have a the proper format, but you will NOT need a Conclusion.
                - Your Discussion will just be the activity questions.

December 1st
        1) Read Chapter 3.1 and 3.2 in your textbook.
        2) Answer Review Questions 3.1 and 3.2 in your textbook

November 29th
        1) Answer Review 7.3 Questions in your text.
        2) Make a list of all vocab terms for Radioactivity (There should be 36 in total...see end of chapter)
        3) Create flashcards using all vocab terms in Ch. 7 and your notes.
                For those that are still confused:
                        - First you should have made a list of the terms you need to know.
                        - Take that list and choose 8 terms and create question flashcards.
                        - Take that list and choose another 8 terms create diagram flashcards,
                           these terms will be different from the question ones.
                        - The remaining terms will just be your standard, word on front, definition on back flashcards.

        Your list of definitions and flashcards are due Thursday, November 31st.

November 25th
        1) Complete Radiation Review Worksheets given in class (5.1.1 and 5.2.1)
        2) Answer Review 7.2 Questions #4-8, you should be able to do them now.
        3) Read Section 7.3 in your text book.
        4) Print out Radiation Part B notes from the website and read.  

November 17th
        1) Complete Chemistry Unit Review Sheet
        2) Study and prepare for Review sesson on Monday, November 21st.

November 15th
        1) Read Section 7.1 and 7.2 and complete review questions.
        2) Print out Radiation Part A notes and read.
        3) Work on Chemistry Unit Review, Study and be ready for review on Thursday.

November 10th
        1) Complete Classifying Chemical Reactions Table
        2) "Translation" Assignment.  Create visual analogies for the different types of chemical reactions.
                        - Using only pictures, show the different type of chemical reactions.  Include the name of the reaction.
                        - e.g. Synthesis:  Picture of cat  + picture of mouse = picture of full cat (see handout)
                        - Try your best to draw the pictures and make it nice a colourful.  Marks are weighted more on how much
                        thought you put into coming up with the analogy versus you being a wonderful artist.
        3) Read Section 7.1 and 7.2
        4) Complete Review Questions 7.1 (ALL) and 7.2 (#1-3 only)

November 8th
        1) Complete Balancing Chemical Reactions worksheets
        2) Read Section 10.3 Classifying Chemical Reactions pg. 220 - 229
        3) Complete the table on Classifying Chemical Reactions worksheet (white)       

November 2nd
        1) Complete Study Prep Worksheet on naming Ionic/Covalent compounds.
             Answers will be posted by the doors in the classroom.
        2)  Read Section 10.2 in text pages 218-219 and practice balancing chemical equations
             with the two other worksheets given out in class today
                        - Refer to Notes Section of this site for info on Balancing Chemical Equations
        3) Review Chapters 8/9 for Test on Friday, November 4th - Refer to Ch. 9 Summary at Test section of this site.
October 31st
        1) Complete Lab Report for "Evidence of a Reaction" experiment.  
            Reminder that your report is written individually although you may discuss the lab together.
        2) Review Chapters 8/9 for Test on Friday, November 4th

October 27th
        1) Complete naming/chemical formulas worksheet
        2) Read Section 10.1 in text and answer Review Questions 10.1 (If you haven't done so already
            during the "break")
        3) Review Chapters 8/9 for Test on Friday, November 4th
        4) Dress appropriately for Lab on Monday, Oct. 31st     

October 24th
        1) Review / complete everything else you haven't done since we were at school
        2) Complete naming/chemical formulas worksheet (white) handed out in class today
        3) Be prepared for a QUIZ on Thursday!

October 17th - 21st
        1) Read Section 10.3 Classifying Chemical Reactions pg. 220 - 229
        2) Answer ALL Review Questions 10.3 pg. 229

October 13th
        1) Read Section 10.2 Balancing Chemical Equations (Including Side bars!)
        2) Do Instant Practice pg 220
        3) Answer ALL Review Questions 10.2 pg. 220             

October 11th
        1) Read Section 9.1 Acid / Bases and answer Review Questions 9.1
        2) Read Section 10.1 pg 213 - 217
        3) Answer ALL Review Questions 10.1 pg 218

October 6th
        1) Naming Chemical Compounds (yellow worksheet - both sides)
        2) Instant Practice pg. 204
        3) Read Section 9.4 in Sc Probe 10
        4) Answer Review 9.4 Questions
        5) Convert "Compound Names & Formula Review Sheet" (pink) into FLOW CHARTS for:
                Part C: Covalent Compounds

October 4th
        1) Convert "Compound Names & Formula Review Sheet" (pink) into FLOW CHARTS for:
                Part A: Ionic Compounds and Part B: Compounds with Polyatomic Ions
        2) Do Instant Practice (All) pg. 202    

September 30th
        1) Read Section 9.3 and do Instant Practice (p. 201)
        2) Complete Activity 9D in textbook (pg. 197-198)
        3) Finish homework from previous day
                - Read Section 9.2 in textbook (pg. 193-198)
                - Complete Review Questions 9.2 (pg. 198)
                - Complete yellow worksheet


        Electricity Analogy
                - You are to complete the following statement "Electricity is like _____________"
                - Create a drawing/diagram/comic to represent your analogy.
                - Provide a LEGEND on the different parts of a circuit, and provide the analogy and the REASON why you chose that analogy (ie how does the analogy match the part?)

        3D Bohr Model
                - Construct a 3D Bohr Model of an element of your choice.
                - Hydrogen and Helium are not available as choices (too easy!)
                - Groups working in pairs can only choose elements from K (Potassium) and up.
                - Students working on their own can choose any element they wish.
                DUE SEPTEMBER 30th!

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