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From:Wednesday, February 8, 2012 1:20 PM -0800
Subject:Potential Funding Sources for your GREEN projects 
Funding sources for Richmond School’s

Green Projects:


Updated Feb. 8, 2012. 
For moreinformation, please contact Rosalind Poon @ rpoon@sd38.bc.caor 604-668-6000 ext. 4024. 


1.  Sustainability Grants from the Richmond School District

·     “ Seed” money to help grow, develop, implement and continue tosupport school based initiatives

·     On hold due to job action

·     For more information, please contact Rosailnd Poon @rpoon@sd38.bc.ca

2.  BC Green Gameswww.bcgreegames.ca

·      BC Green Games is awarding $24,000 in prize money directly to schools to sustain and support environmentalaction projects in the spirit of BC Green Games and the winning project.

·     10 - $1000 prizes forelementary schools and 10 - $1000 for secondary schools and two new$1000 energy prizes will be decided by expert judges in the field of environmental education and environmental science

·     Deadline for projectsubmission is Feb. 1 - March 1st 2012

·     All participatingschools will receive a celebration package


3. Toyota Evergreenwww.evergreen.ca

(a)  Toyota EvergreenLearning Grounds

  • Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds helps schools create outdoor classrooms to provide students with a healthy place to play, learn and develop a genuine respect for nature
  • Amount offered: $500–$3,500 for schools, $500–$2,000 for daycares.Next accepting applications: Applications for the 2011–12 funding program will be accepted on 4 intake dates throughout the school year, starting on September 2, 2011:
·       September16, 2011 – for schools that have completed their design process and are ready to plant in the fall.

·       December2, 2011 – for schools that have completed the design process and need planning time for their spring plantdate.

·       March16, 2012 – for spring plantings.

·       June1, 2012 – for latespring/early summer or early fall plantings.


(b)  Walmart – EvergreenGreen Grants  - http://www.evergreen.ca/en/funding/grants/walmart.sn

Walmart Canada and Evergreen have combined to offer this national program funding community-based initiatives across Canada. Projects supported through the Green Grants program include, but are not limited to:

·       Native planting initiatives

·       Invasive species removal

·       Community food gardens

·       Youth-based and intergenerational projects

·       Wildlife habitat restoration

·       Aquatic stewardship projects

·       Environmental workshops and educationalevents

·       Community skills sharing workshops

·       Projects serving underserved communities

Amount offered: up to $10,000 (up to 50% of project budget)

Application deadline: January 31, 2012

4.  Tree Canadawww.treecanada.ca

(a)  GreeningCanada's School Grounds

Tree Canada invites your school to participatein the Greening Canada's SchoolGrounds Program. Tree Canada provideto the selected schools: educational information, technical advice and financial support up to $3,000 towardsthe transformation of their school grounds into environmentally enriched learninglandscapes.

(b)  FedEx Express GreenSchools, Green Futures Award

New program to be announced in 2012
Past Program: Five prizes will be awarded - one per Canadian region (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies and British Columbia). Four regional winners will receive $1,000 cash and a plaque from Tree Canada and FedEx Express Canada. One national winner will receive $3,000 cash and a plaque.

5.  TD Friends of theEnvironment -http://www.fef.td.com/funding.jsp

(a) EnvironmentalFunding - TD FEF are always looking for new environmental communityprojects.  Recent Tip: they arelooking for projects that involve wildlife habitat (i.e. trees)

TD FEF's purpose is to promote environmental initiatives benefitting local communities that:

·       Protect the environment and Canadian wildlife

·       Assist young Canadians in understanding andparticipating in environmental activities

·       Enhance cooperation among Environmentalorganizations

Completed application received by:  Dec 15, Feb 15, May 15, August 15 (2 monthsto get response

TD Canada Trust also offer up to $70,000 in grade 12 scholarships

6. WWF-Canada Green CommUnitySchool Grant Program  http://c.studentawards.com/greencommunityprogram/

Schools can receive up to $5000 to make a green idea grow  
Will start accepting applications for the Spring in Feb/March 2012 

  • $500 - $3000 for Water Action Projects
  • Resources for Rethinking is at www.r4r.ca 
  • Specific for water-focused action project grants  
  • No deadline specified  http://r4r.ca/en/project-flow/funding - deadline was Nov. 15, 2011 – check back for updated info for 2012
8. VanCity’s EnviroFund – : www.vancity.com/enviroFund

·     The enviroFund™, a granting program administeredby community investment, was created to support initiatives addressing localenvironmental issues in a positive, constructive and creative manner. Over $3.7million has been awarded to local groups since the fund was established in1990.

·     The next deadline for submissions is September1, 2012. Guidelines and criteria will be available in March 2012.

·     Not specific toenvironmental sustainability project, but perhaps a source of funding forschools? 

·      Richmond Community Foundation grant makingpriorities for 2011 are programs and services that:

·  Support children inpoverty

·  Support vulnerable youth

·  Support the povertystricken & homeless

·  Are collaborative &cooperative with other organizations

·  Innovative in service delivery

10. Fiskar’s Project Orange Thumb Grants - www.projectorangethumb.com

The 2012 winners have already been chosen – they accept applications in the Fall.  Look out for more information in Fall 2012
Ten groups will receive Fiskars garden tool and additional funds
One group will receive a complete garden makeover

11.  EcoVoyageurs - www.Ecovoyageurs.ca 

·     Resource for lesson plans & sustainabilityaction initiatives

·     They have had grants in the past – stay tunedfor new information in 2012? 

12.  Solar BC- www.solarbc.ca

Resources for Solar hot water heating
Includes lesson plan and case studies

13.  Hellmann’s RealFood Grant Program - http://www.realfoodmovement.ca

$100,000 to support initiatives with Canadian families and real food
There is currently no information for 2012 – check back again soon?

Ms. Rosalind Poon
Teacher Consultant
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